About the French Broad Vignerons

About French Broad Vignerons

The French Broad Vignerons was formed to establish, nurture, develop and represent the vineyard and orchard industry in Western North Carolina. As is typical of many organizations French Broad Vignerons began as a “sitting around a table” in 2010 and grew until it became a formal organization with By-Laws, projects, and social activities in 2012. Within our organization you find vineyard/orchard developers and owners, beverage producers – commercial and non-commercial, wine consumers, and product suppliers. All members of these groups have a keen interest in the development of vineyards and orchards and their products in our region.

From its earliest stages French Broad Vignerons has had a major focus on the development of skills to enjoy and savor vineyard and orchard products. Training sessions regularly occur to help members develop their tasting and evaluation skills. Our trained tasters have been utilized by private companies and organizers of public events to evaluate beverages from the “consumer’s” point of view. It is a paramount objective of this organization to identify quality beverages from the perspective of being highly palatable to consumers.

The French Broad Vignerons now operate and judge the Western North Carolina Wine Competition – a new name for a competition we have operated for the last four years. This competition is a commercial competition and open to all wines, with blind tastings and trained judges.