What We Do

What We Do

Members of the organization support each other by providing assistance to one another and those who would seek it. We can easily provide staff to discuss selecting grapes, designing and maintaining vineyards, and creating and developing your own winery. Every member is interested in consuming good wine, cider, and mead. In fact, there are a few members who specialize exclusively in that skill. We are fortunate to have a few members formally trained to do just that.

The organization is currently a North Carolina LLC. It operates using a set of By-Laws that specify how we are to conduct the affairs of the organization. The French Board Vignerons are operated by Board consisting of 7 officers and two at large members. The Board meets monthly to conduct business with reports and minutes published elsewhere on this website

Because our organization has a governing board, our meetings are event and educationally based. Trips, dinners, wine tours, vineyard tours, tasting training, vineyard management, winery sanitation, and grape vine propagation have all been meeting based activities. This means that members can truly have a very enjoyable meeting experience while adding to their knowledge base.

Lastly we advocate for our members and region:

  • Sponsoring and promoting tours to wineries and meaderies
  • Advocating for all aspects of wine tourism in the region
  • Participating in grant applications that would foster vineyard and orchard economic development
  • Developing the BOTA SEAL to celebrate quality products
  • Judging and evaluating wines in competition and for the BOTA Seal