Western NC Wine Competition

The 2018 Western North Carolina Wine Competition Is Underway!

The WESTERN NORTH CAROLINA WINE COMPETITION is open to any commercially produced wines from anywhere in the world.  Competition will be held at the Lenoir Rhyne University Asheville Graduate Center.  Competition will not be viewed by the public.

The 2018 Western North Carolina Wine Competition is sponsored by White Labs and Lenoir-Rhyne University.

Wines may be entered by wineries or by their representative agents or importers.  Wines compete by class, but several wine categories are featured – Open, Muscadine, Fruit and Mead.

Wine classes include varietals, blends of wines from any grape or fruit types including sparkling, dessert, fortified, fruit wines and mead.  Fruit flavored wines are allowed, but must be specifically identified as flavored. Every entry must include a Class Entry Code. [NOTE: Beginning in 2019, the Western North Carolina Wine Competition will feature an additional category – Mountain Wines.  To be considered a Mountain Wine the grapes must be grown at an elevation of 1500’ or higher. ]

All North Carolina or Appalachian wines are eligible for Best Of The Appalachian (BOTA) designation that includes marketing assistance and the right to purchase and use the BOTA seal.  Wines made in North Carolina must be identified as such and must contain 100% North Carolina grapes or fruit and must be produced in North Carolina. Wines made in the Appalachians must be identified as to where they were made and must contain 100% Appalachian grapes or fruit.  If you claim BOTA eligibility, check the line on the Bottle Entry Form.

  • All wines must be available for sale to the public.
  • Wines must be produced in minimum size lots of 25 cases or more, or 300 bottles.
  • Wines will be evaluated by teams of French Broad Vignerons and/or AWS trained judges.
  • Wines will be judged in flights as established by the head judge or designee. Judges will only know the type of wine, the vintage, and residual sugar. No labels will be visible.
  • All wines will be double judged by two distinct judging panels and will be judged against the standard for that wine.

Reporting category results will be based on a sort component.  All wines will be judged in open competition in flights established by the head judge or designee.  Each wine result will be recorded in such a way as to enable us to sort all results by category in addition to total open results.  This will enable us to print a roster of all muscadines or all fruit wines in addition to our general results.

Awards will be high quality metal medals with bottle ribbons.  The ribbons will show special information such as year, BOTA status and special judging categories. Medal awards will be Double Gold, Gold, Silver and Bronze. There are noBest in Show” or “Best of” for the 2018 competition.

Judging Criteria

Evaluation of wines will be based on appearance, aroma, taste, finish, and overall quality using a 20-point rubric.  Each wine will be judged on its own merit, not by how it compares with other wines in the flight or class.

Each wine will be judged for what it is at the time of judging, not for what it might become in the future.

Wines will be blind judged in flights, with each wine identified by a randomly generated code number, and judged by a minimum of two judging panels.

Awards will be given for levels of excellence: Double Gold (At least two panels awarding the wine a Gold medal), Gold, Silver and Bronze.  These awards will be represented by medals with bottle neck ribbons.

Medal results will be posted online at www.frenchbroadvignerons.org and in issued press releases.  Every winery is encouraged to produce their own press release for local press and to post on their own website. You may copy our press release and customize it to meet your needs.

MEDALS ARE ORDERED IMMEDIATELY AFTER THE COMPETITION AND DELIVERED TO US APPROXIMATELY 6 or 7 WEEKS AFTER THAT.  Medals will be distributed at the November 12, 2018 ticketed Winemaker’s Award Event and by mail.  (see Winemaker’s Award Event registration form).

How to Enter

The entry process requires a two-part Entry Form:

  • A Master Wine Entry to be completed by each winery, representative agents or importers, and,
  • A Bottle Entry for each wine will be submitted.  The data on the Bottle Entry will be used used to flight all competition entries.  Please complete these entry forms carefully.

If a wine is entered as a generic or blend, please include the identity of the dominant grape(s) or fruit(s).

Wine Entry Code listing available here.

Please be as accurate as possible with your residual sugar (RS) information. Wines with no RS information will be considered dry and judged accordingly.

Every wine entry must be two (2) bottles of 750 ml or four (4) bottles of 375 ml per entry.

The entry fee is$40.00 USD per wine entered.

Please make your check or money order payable to the French Broad Vignerons and include it with the required entry documents.


Shipping Your Wine Submissions 

* All wines must be securely packed in boxes marked:



 * Wines must be received at one of the two addresses below by September 18,,2018, but please do not ship prior to September 6, 2018.


* You may ship to the address below:




828 649 1264



Call Alan Staton ‭(828) 693-9992‬, or, email CabinCreekVineyard@Gmail.com for directions and scheduling delivery.






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