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Parker-Binns Winery 7382 N Carolina 108, Mill Spring, North Carolina 28756 Phone 828.894.0154 parkerbinnsvineyard@gmail.com  TASTING ROOM HOURS Thurs-Sun Noon until 6:00

Parker-Binns Vineyard

When you visit Parker-Binns Vineyard, you’ll be greeted with warm friendly smiles. We are a family-run vineyard, with a relaxed atmosphere. Try a tasting, or a bottle of our award-winning wines and just relax in our tasting room, or on one of our patios. Parker-Binns Vineyard; where you’ll experience Beautiful Vineyards, Award-winning wines and breathtaking views. Where Strangers become Friends…

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Our Wines

Merlot and Cabernet Franc based with a delicate light salmon hue. Big notes of citrus and apple on the nose, with a silk, supple grapefruit and citrus finish. A nice dry summer wine, best served well chilled.

An elegant fruit forward Chardonnay, done in stainless. Expressive nose of bright citrus blossoms laced with hints of lemongrass. Enticing exotic flavors accentuated by Granny Smith apple and Asian pear linger on the palate. Crisp mouthwatering finish of pleasant acidity.

Cabernet Sauvignon
Mingled aromas of smoky oak, chocolate and deep, dark berry. Jammy fruit layers of fresh pear and plum mingle with underlying notes of dark chocolate. Smooth oak tannins coat the tongue on the finish and entice you to take another sip!

“True to the fruit” fermentation. Huge aromas of sweet blackberry, mocha and chocolate. A yummy sweetart-like candy finish that lingers. Best served slightly chilled.

Pea Ridge White
Aromas of delicate ripe peaches with underlying Red Delicious apple notes. A balanced full bodied wine with a natural sweetness inherited from the grapes and soft flavors of ripe apple and clover honey flowing into a refined lingering acidic finish.

A balanced mix of floral and fruit, accents of orange and peach blossom, laced with rose petals and honey. The lightly sweet taste balances perfectly with a clean citrus finish, making it perfect for drinking anytime. Enjoy the fun “pop” of effervescence on the finish.