The French Broad Vignerons of WNC

vigneron [ven-yu-rawn] – A person who grows grapes and then makes wine from the grapes they grow so they control the quality of the wine from the vines to the wines.

The French Broad Vignerons of WNC (FBV) is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization dedicated to providing educational opportunities for grape growing, wine making, evaluating, and enjoying wines in western North Carolina. Our organization has monthly meetings for business/educational/social purposes. It is open to anyone interested in viticulture and learning how to evaluate wines.


Pay your 2020 French Broad Vignerons Membership Dues here!

French Broad Vignerons 2020 calendar year membership dues is $25/couple (or two people at the same address like a vineyard/winery)

Click HERE to register and pay your 2020 calendar year dues using any valid credit card.

Upcoming French Broad Vignerons Events

Beginning Friday, October 2 -“Taste like a Sommelier – A Zoom Detective Series” – 12 weekly online classes with the goal of being able to blindly identify a vinifera varietal or blended wine type by describing the characteristics of a classic example of a vinifera wine varietal or style on sight, aroma, and taste. Free on-line event for FBV members. See details on our Special Events link above.

December 5, 2020 – The French Broad Vignerons is sponsoring an Amateur Wine Competition that is open to anyone who makes wine at home (non-commercially produced wine).

Rules and Entry Forms are available on “Amateur Wine Competition” page link above.