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Membership in the French Broad Vignerons is open to any one interested in growing grapes/fruit for wine, wine making, or just enjoying hanging out with other people of like mind and drinking wine. Our various monthly educational/social activities will give you ample time to network with viticulture friends.

Membership is for those individuals with interests in general enjoyment and knowledge of all regional wines. $25 annual dues covers two people residing at the same address. Wineries may join and designate any two staff members or employees as the two members for purposes of registering for our monthly events.

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French Broad Vignerons Educational/Social Activities

Educational and Social activities are held monthly.¬† The goal of our meetings is to provide opportunities for socialization and expansion of every members’ knowledge base. Activities occur in a variety of locations – including homes, wineries, vineyards, orchards, and viticulture oriented businesses.

There is an annual meeting held in December/January of each year, where Officers are elected and Bylaws amended. The annual meeting usually has a social and educational component as part of the meeting agenda.

Most of our activities have a participation fee required to pay for activity  meals, beverages, and office supplies.